HEAL THEM Education

Online education for experienced Health & Wellness professionals who want to take their knowledge and practise to the next level by learning the key causes of disease, how to identify the root causes in each client’s case and uncover key roadblocks based on real-world experience and evidence based science.

So, who is this education for?

If you have clients who have nailed their diet, exercise, sleep, rest and mindset for some time, yet haven't achieved their goals.
If you want to be clear on what is holding your clients back.
If you want to learn the key factors involved that cause dis-ease.
If you want to achieve better results with clients.
If you want to be able to take on more complex clients.
If you want to be able to unravel complex cases without having to refer them out to specialists.
If you want to be able to demand higher hourly rates.

Or, if you want to save hundreds or possibly thousands of hours researching on ‘Pubmed’ to find the science and the links between Toxicity, Electromagnetic Radiation, The Microbiome, Hormones and dis-ease… Then, you’re in the right place!!!

You’ll learn how Electromagnetic Radiation, Toxicity, the Microbiome and Hormones are intertwined and what effects they have on each other.
You’ll learn how to effectively test the stress or load of these four key areas on your clients to find out the specific root-causes of their health challenges.
You’ll learn how to sequence your approach to ensure your clients achieve optimal health in the shortest possible time.
You’ll be much better equipped to deal with more complex cases and be able to unravel the causes and know how to correct them much quicker than before.